From Youtube Star to Music Artist: The Multi-talented Abu Batata

The dynamic Wessam Aljundi, professionally known as Abu Batata, has taken entertainment by storm. With over 100+ million accumulated views, his comedy has become a home favorite within the Arab community. In the “Arab Driving School” series, he plays the hilarious character, Abu Batata. He has since branched off from YouTube to professionally pursue music, yet his name and humor remains. Imagine being blessed with both comedic and musical talent. (Us normal people can’t relate.)

Sidenote: There have been “music” attempts from other YouTube comedians, but the outcome has been comedic in and of itself. (No shade, just my opinion.)

As an “OG” fan, I’ve been watching his comedy since “Arab Driving School Part 1” had about 30,000 views —literally. Who knew that he would become an Palestinian-American superstar on his way to music stardom?

“Arab Driving School Part 1” featuring Wessam Aljundi (Abu Batata) and Shareef Allman. Released 2011. YouTube: Batata

Put za PRNDL in za D.

-Abu Batata, Driving Instructor

Almost 10 years later, here I am completing an article about the guy my friends swear granted me my driver’s license: Abu Batata, aka Batata.

He was kind enough to answer questions about his new career venture.

Was it difficult to transition from YouTube to music?

Batata: Wasn’t difficult at all. It was actually easier because I’ve briefly introduced music to my career and fan base over months. It just clicked perfectly with who I am, what I am, and my never ending passion for it.

How long have you been creating music?

Batata: I’ve been writing music for 5 years now, but it’s been 2 years of truly focusing on music, recording, and adding songs to my unreleased vault. In just a short time, I’ve gotten co-signs from major artists around the world because of my unique, different style and sound.

Batata’s current released songs include, “Safe Not Sorry”, “Let Go”, “2 Suave”, and “Buss Down Ting”.

Along with R&B artist Eddy Mack, they’ve managed to create the summer anthem for two years in a row. Last year, we were all blasting “Safe Not Sorry”, but this year “Buss Down Ting” was released and claimed its spotlight. The duo included Bermuda native artist Matthew Bento on the hit to bring the Jamaican vibes to life. “Buss Down Ting” was recently featured on Thisis50, one of the world’s top music sites. Click here to read.

I have asked him this before, but I asked once more for the sake of this article. This answer is for fans and haters alike to read.

Why do you do what you do?

Cause I know what it feels like to be unhappy in this world and feel alone. Through my music and who I am, I’ve been able to bring laughter and music to the hearts of millions of people over the years. I do it to see others smile.

Batata has indeed brought joy to the lives of many, including myself. And for that, we thank him with our endless support. Without the lights and cameras, he is a genuine human being with love for this world. Us supports can only reciprocate. Stay connected with Batata and follow him throughout his journey. Being multi-talented, we never know what he may dominate next.

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