Teen Entrepreneurs Present ‘The Different Brand’ Clothing Line

The 16-year-old Nicholas Shammo and 17-year-old Anthony Danno launched their clothing line, ‘The Different Brand’, earlier this year. The young-trepreneurs share their vision and how they are, well, different.

Inspired by basketball legend Kobe Bryant, Danno strives to go the extra mile and “outwork others,” he explains. “I started going to the gym at 4 a.m. like Kobe to become as good as he was. I labeled myself as different from others because I knew I was the only person waking up that early to put in the work,” Danno shares.

“The first day I went to the gym I wrote the word “different” on my shoes. It inspired me to work harder than my opponents every time I stepped onto the court.”

Anthony Danno

As co-founder, Shammo plans to expand and create the brand’s very own website. Collaborations with other brands are up and coming. “This summer we will have a new collection with products that have never been seen before,” Shammo shared. This October, the duo plans to give back to the community and support the National Breast Cancer Foundation. In business, charitable giving is much appreciated.

As if they aren’t giving enough, they hold giveaways for friends and fans alike to enter. Andre Drummond, former basketball player for the Detroit Pistons, chose the winner of their first giveaway. (How cool!)

We are super excited for the future […] We could not do it without all of our support from our family and God.

Nicholas Shammo

You can check out their shop here and find your favorite item to rock. Follow on Instagram to follow their journey.