Former Active Duty Air Force Officer Revitalizes Detroit Through Invest MotorCity

After serving our country, Even Fay is bringing his hard work and determination to create a brighter future for Detroit. Evan is an investor, realtor and owner of Invest MotorCity. Invest MotorCity encourages real estate development, investments in small businesses, and aiding entrepreneurship.  

Many entrepreneurs, especially entrepreneurs of color, have issues gaining funding to build their companies. This is where Invest MotorCity stepped up to help. Invest MotorCity’s mission is to first develop high quality real estate options for young professionals so they may live and thrive within the city. However, Evan and Invest MotorCity also invested an assortment of small businesses. 

Evan said, “My plan is to offer attractive residential and commercial property options for young professionals to thrive within the city.” He plans to close on 3 duplexes in Detroit’s north end soon. Invest MotorCity hopes to develop commercial real estate spaces for entrepreneurs to explore creative business solutions. Eventually the goal is to develop a crowd-funding investment platform for Detroit’s young professionals.

Now an Air Force Reserves member, Evan Fay has been a real estate and small business investor since 2012. He started in California, Wyoming and Alaska, and always dreamed of investing in Detroit. Invest MotorCity is truly a dream come true for Evan, but he is not finished yet. To connect with Evan and keep up with his most recent developments and initiatives, follow @ev_ryzes on Instagram or on the Invest MotorCity website,