Jordanian Luxe Beauty: Leyali Haddad’s Newest Beauty Line [Interview]

As an Arab-American, Leyali Haddad has exceeded cultural norms and began her career as female entrepreneur.

Her achievements thus far radiate bravery, while her determination to reach success is evidence of her strong-mindedness.

With beauty, brains, and a bold mind, Leyali has founded multiple businesses. Prior to her line, she owned a Middle Eastern restaurant. Her newest business, however, is what I want to present within this article. I had the honor to interview one of the most valiant women I know.

“I come from a bloodline of hustlers. I have to get it,” Leyali stated.

She is a Detroit native, but moved to Austin, Texas at a young 17 years of age. As she watched her dad succeed as a business man, inspiration and a “hustler” mentality was building within.

Jordanian Luxe Beauty consists of several products, such as the Vitamin C serum, illuminating primer, wrinkle recovery serum, and more.

The products are vegan, cruelty-free, and clinical grade. The secret ingredients? Well, Leyali incorporated Arabian skin care remedy ingredients she learned from her Middle Eastern culture.

“I put a lot of hard work and thought into creating the best skincare for all ethnicities with some Arabian secrets. I wanted to add a touch of Mediterranean secret ingredients that truly work for every skin type. “

Leyali Haddad

The beauty industry is competitive, but she is confident that her line will stand out, as her motivation to begin a skin care and beauty line stemmed from her issue of finding the right products for her skin type. There are no “one size fits all” skin care products.

Similar to Rihanna’s ‘Fenty’ line, her goal was to create a line catering to all skin types, especially those that find it difficult to find products fit for ethnic and darker skin tones. (We love diversity.)

“I wanted to design a line of cosmetics welcoming women of mixed ethnicity because I  had trouble finding the right products for my medium-brown skin,” Leyali shared.

My skin type, for example, is both dry and oily. (Is that even a thing?) I am Albanian, but my skin tone is neither light or olive toned, so finding the right products is like finding kryptonite. Jordanian Luxe Beauty welcomes my skin type and the vegan, cruelty-free, and medical grade ingredients make it even better.

As a Mediterranean woman, I’m excited to try this exotic skin care line dashed with Mediterranean secret ingredients. They say secrets do not make friends, but in this case, they make the best of friends. Glowing skin, here I come.

Jordanian Luxe Beauty is The Detroit Entrepreneur approved.

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