Recording Artist Harmini Placed In Hollywood Movies [Interview]

Harmini is a recording artist based in Dallas, Texas. His powerful music is faith based, focusing on God’s blessings and triumph over his tribulations.

With all Glory to God, Harmini announces his newest movie placements this year. He is the only independent Christian artist to have music place in 11 movies so far.

The artist has an incredible testimony, inspiring both fans and strangers alike. His interview tells all.

Sidenote: He was recently verified on Instagram. So proud of you, Harmini!

What is the story behind Harmini?

The name “Harmini” actually derives from my sincere love for vocal harmony. Ever since I was a young boy, the sound of human voices singing together always had a major effect on my soul . When I was incarcerated, I would alway encourage the inmates on my cell block to sing along with me. The sound of our voices blending in perfect harmony would ring throughout the halls of the prison. It was one of the ways God gave us freedom while we were locked behind bars. 

Describe your music. 

My music is like a compound of lyrical antioxidants. As a storyteller lyricist, I choose to write songs that are filled with layers of life-giving messages. This means my music can truly benefit people who are willing to apply the principles given to them on each record I write.

Is your music influenced by personal experiences? 

Oh, most definitely. However, I don’t just write songs that are solely focused on my own life experiences. I also write music that represents the voices of other people’s life experiences as well. Such as my song “Against The Ropes” and “Memory Lane”.

Is there anything your fans can be looking forward to in the future? 

Yes! I am working on brand new music that will be released over the next year. I am also working on several new music videos that will also be dropping over the next year. And of course several of the movies I wrote soundtracks for will also be releasing over the next year as well! Such as the movie Brother’s Keeper, starring Laurence Fishburne, Milo Gibson, and Noel G, the movie Smokers, starring Costas Mandylor, Louis Mandylor, and Peter Organ, and the Zombie movie Outbreak Z starring Wesley Snipes. 

As a Christian myself, it is truly wonderful to see artists incorporate their faith and testimony into their music. There are many ways to spread the Gospel. Harmini has chosen to use music as his tool. His purpose is to change lives, save souls, and serve Christ, which he has accomplished.