Top Notch NME Luxury Street Clothing in the D

Detroit’s Top Notch NME is a high-end streetwear brand that bridges the gap between streetwear and high end fashion. Their mission is to create a brand that also resonates through all cultures and hints the new culture.

Entrepreneur and founder of Top Notch NME, Craig Washington, had an eye for fashion since he was 13 years old. He would clean offices with his grandma to save money to buy the high end fashion he loved.

I started cutting up old clothes and putting my own twist on it. I started charging friends at school to lace their shoes in crazy designs. I also have a big passion for shoes and quite the collection of Jordan number 11s.

The designer’s mind is focused on making a high-end streetwear brand that delivers great quality with a timeless look.

Top Notch NME is not just a brand… it is a lifestyle.

Top Notch NME also plans to release its signature belt, sunglasses and even purses.

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